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Use your SMARTPHONE and this SITE to order a Finnopay card

Before you continue, check:

1. iPhone? This device is prepared, please continue.

2. Android? Install ONLY ONCE Pass2U.

Your smartphone will have a Wallet that can support cards like

Booarding tickets, Store cards, Event tickets, ID cards, Vouchers etc.

With Finnopay you can pay from an prepay balance, afterpay, tikkie.

It has an integrated loyalty saving systeem.

You can receive general and personal messages on

offerings, youtube-links, delays etc.

Other options to get in touch with your Fan's':

- Motor Insurance cards

- Insurance cards (travel, portfolio etc.)

- Healthcare

- School ID-cards (picture)

- Personalized Business cards

- Personalized ID and entry cards

- Vouchers

- SOS cards

- SmartCity carrier cards

- Membership: club, whole sale etc.

- Medical Patient Identification

- Payment connected cards (PSD2) (2018)

More information? visit mycardwallet